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pkedgebizschoolToo many people start business without getting any kind of training and it shows.
I cannot count how many people I speak to on a weekly basis that have stories of either a failed business or a bad investment into a business they just started.

It might interest you to know that 90% of businesses in Nigeria die 5 years after starting and a major portion of the remaining 10% never even grow beyond the teething stage but do you know that just by getting a formal training in business you are 30% more likely to succeed than the average entrepreneur out there?

Practical entrepreneurship training from several entrepreneurs running businesses in millions is my way of giving you the edge in business as you get the chance not only to be trained but also mentored by these people who have mastered the art of business.

Nigeria has such a very fertile economy in which practically any business can grow. My desire therefore, is not just to see you have a surviving business but a thriving one both locally and globally. I encourage you to put into practice all that you will learn at the Edge Business School and watch the drastic turn around in your life and business.

Remember, with entrepreneurship training from the Edge Business School, you have the Edge you need to excel in business.

Kingsley Okonkwo

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